About Us

A Cleaner Future

Customers who have joined the Solar Solutions family are already experiencing incredible savings on their electric bill, but they are also doing good for the Earth. Climate change is one of the greatest issues facing our society today. Rising greenhouse gas levels often associated with non-renewable sources of energy such as oil, natural gas, and coal are causing the Earth’s temperature to rise leading to more droughts, rising sea levels, and stronger natural disasters. When you join the Solar Solutions family, you are investing in a future of clean renewable energy.

Solar Panels for your Home in Dallas-Ft Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin

Solar Solutions of America is proud to provide solar panel solutions to the Houston, Dallas-Ft Worth, Austin and San Antonio, Texas areas.

Our combined over 40 years of experience means that we have extensive knowledge on if solar panels will work for your home and will help you make the right decision when it comes to solar energy.
Our team of solar panel professionals will help to make sure that not only do you receive first class service but that you also see increased savings in your pockets from a lower electricity bill.

We Are A Family

We understand that a switch to solar for your home or business is an investment. When you choose Solar Solutions you are joining a family of experienced solar energy professionals ready to help you through the whole process, from providing a free energy analysis through installation and beyond. We only partner with tier-one manufacturers and experienced installers and also provide warranties on performance and production ensuring maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.