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Learn What You’ll Save Before You Invest

As a business owner, you need more than vague claims about energy efficiency in order to finally make the switch to solar. You need a provider with the expertise it takes to accurately project your business’ energy savings and guarantee your sound investment. 

With more than 40 years of experience, Solar Solutions has worked with commercial enterprises of all sizes, from corporate parks to self storage businesses, to name a few. The thousands of commercial installations we have performed enable us to customize the right solution for your business to maximize energy savings based on consumption and sunlight exposure. You won’t wait to find out your savings either; we’ll give you an accurate projection of your monthly and yearly savings in our initial consultation.  


Our Warranties: Your Assurance

Our Performance and Production Warranties ensure that your solar panels will produce the precise amount of energy we project and that your system will have a specified low rate of energy production decline over the next 25 years, assuring you of a worthwhile investment. Should a problem arise, your panels will be repaired or replaced at our cost.

Schedule a Free Consultation today and we’ll go over the factors that determine your ideal configuration, the savings you can expect each month and year, and the Federal and State Tax Incentives for which you may qualify in 2021.


Solar Panel Solutions in Houston, TX

Who We Are

Backed by a management team with over 40 years of experience in the home and commercial improvement industry, with over 40,000 satisfied customers, Solar Solutions of America is proud to bring solar panel solutions to customers across Texas. At Solar Solutions of America, we strive to help home and business owners save money on their electric bills by helping them make the switch to solar. Our team of solar energy professionals works tirelessly to provide excellent customer service from start to finish ensuring maximum savings and customer satisfaction.

Don’t miss out on the 26% Federal Tax credit! The Federal Tax credit will be dropping soon! Save thousands of dollars by utilizing the 2020 benefits before the end of the year.

Client Testimonials


I am very appreciative of the professionalism shown by the sales and installation teams from Solar Solutions of America who came to my home and created a new sense of independence for me. From the start, there was never any pressure to make the deal, and they helped me create a comfortable situation for this sizable investment in the future. As with happens with any major project, a few unavoidable snags occurred, but the professional team overcame them with little delay and effort. The best part was their no excuses attitude for the snags, they just went about completing their work. I would highly recommend and plan future business with them.


We heard about the benefits of going solar while doing research, but were still a bit skeptical in the beginning.  Thankfully, we moved forward on the decision to go solar.  We have seen a significant drop in our electric bill and we’re able to reap the benefits of creating our own power.  My wife and I couldn’t be happier.  Solar may not be for everyone but it was certainly the right choice for us and our family.

Don and Chris

When we decided to really explore solar, we looked at a 3 companies & ultimately went with Solar Solutions of American. They had the best pricing & easily the best warranty. We are very happy with our new system & with the work SSA did for us. They did a nice & quick job with the installation. SSA was SUPER responsive to all calls/questions/emails I had…and I had a LOT. They actually got all of the approvals (HOA, CenterPoint, etc.), so all I had to do was e-sign some documents when necessary. There was never any pressure to buy a system or particular products – they did educate us on pros/cons of different panels (cost/performance) & inverters, but ultimately let us make the decision. If you’re looking to get solar at your home, you should absolutely check out Solar Solutions of America.


We went with SSofA because of the people behind the company – Scott, Tyler and Frank. From the beginning they have been nothing short of 5 star when it comes to customer service. After multiple offers from about 5 companies, we decided on them due to their knowledge and honesty. They did not try and sell me on it, promising things they knew they couldn’t deliver only to get the sale. Instead, we went through the particulars at each stage so that they could manage my expectations. In the end, I am very satisfied with my decision and their solution. Great job guys!


Areas we serve

Houston, Dallas- Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Austin